• Shibaura Machine India Private Limited (abbreviated as SMI), is among the leading high-end plastics injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment manufacturers in India. SMI is a wholly owned company of Shibaura Machine Company of Japan.
  • With decades of experience in plastics machinery segment, we help hundreds of companies around the world to mold products with precision & speed, offering very high quality of output. With Shibaura Machine factories spread across Japan, China, Thailand and India, we offer competitive products and services to our clients that would equip them with a leading edge in market place. Our comprehensive service network and application knowledge across segments help clients to choose the right product for their requirement and would optimize the production with a very high up-time.
  • The entry and mid-level hydraulic machines in clamping force ranging from 400kN to 13000kN are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in India and caters to application segments in packaging, electrical, automotive, white-goods, writing instruments, construction etc.


  • Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Private Limited, was inaugurated on 29th September 2012.
  • Erstwhile L&T Plastics Machinery Limited (abbreviated as LTPML) was acquired by Toshiba Machine creating the new company. LTPML in its illustrious span of 2 decades had attained leadership position in the domestic injection molding machinery market.
  • LTPML's earlier association with Demag - Germany for 18 long years had propelled LTPML to the dominant position in India.
  • From April 1, 2020, Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Private Limited is getting transformed to Shibaura Machine India Private Limited., back to the roots of its parent organization
Time-line company history


  • Shibaura Machine India Private Limited, owes its leading position in the Injection Molding industry giving its focus on domestic manufacturing. This has driven the company to set up world-class manufacturing facility at Chennai with state-of-the-art technology.
  • All the stages of product design & development, manufacturing, assembly and testing is carried out methodically.
  • Shibaura Machine India Private Limited, is certified for Integrated Management System (IMS) on Quality ISO 9001:2008, Environment ISO 14001:2004 &Occupational Health and Safety ISO 18001:2007. With the new factory getting inaugurated in 2005, the Chennai unit is spread over an area of 9.16 acres.
  • It consists of majorly of three main bays for machinery manufacturing and one for auxiliary equipment. The machinery manufacturing unit also boasts of a single piece flow assembly and testing line which is aimed at enhancing the production of standard machines. There is also an in-house electronics lab for the development of machine controllers which is self-sufficient in the design and manufacturing of new control systems for injection molding machines.
  • Auxiliary equipment which goes hand on hand with injection moulding machine are manufactured in house at Chennai facility.

Factory outside picture
assembly and testing
shop floor
single piece flow