PET Solutions

Specific Requirements for PET Solutions

  • High response onboard mounted electronically controlled variable displacement pump with Induction Motor suited for higher throughput Preforms at reduced lower cycle time
  • Low power consumption & most efficient Servo Hydraulic – Hybrid drive system Ideal for thick wall and special Preforms with long dwell times
  • New Design 25 L/D PET SDB screw - Special screw geometry ensures excellent melt quality, Homogeneous mix and Better colour dispersion
  • Excellent product quality - High throughput is obtained at very low shear heat leading for better preform quality
  • The Horizontal 5-Point clamping design ensures extremely open/close functions
  • Specially designed injection unit with high torque hydro motor processes tough PET effortlessly saving power cycle after cycle
  • Higher ejection force strips off multi- cavity Preforms effortlessly from mold

Compatible Machines