Hydraulic Ram Series of Injection Molding Machine

TS GS Series

Japanese designed compact medium and large tonnage hydraulic ram machines are built with improved functions for better performance. It can be customized for household, packaging, PET and PVC application

  • Surface mounted prefill tank for RAM actuation occupies less head room in shop floor & achieves faster response with less turbulence
  • Reliable Compact pre-fill valve assembly with RAM casing, piston and flapper designed as single shell concept
  • High response pre-fill valve for faster clamp pressure build-up time
  • Manifold blocks closer to actuators for faster response
  • Closing and opening speeds: programmable in 5 stages
  • Larger tie bar distance to accommodate bigger molds
  • Larger opening stroke for deep drawn articles
  • Modular concept in selection of injection units
  • Balanced injection unit movement on swivel bed
  • Well-supported barrel assembly for alignment
  • High kneading screw – DBG profile
  • High response rotating locking ring design
  • Excellent melt homogeneity with lower shear heat
  • Minimum variation in melt temperature
  • Consistent cavity peak pressure
  • Reliable combination of pump, drive and servo-motor
  • Optimized P-Q characteristics (Combined efficiency of pump and servo motor)
  • Optimized hydraulic circuit for ensuring longer life of pump
  • Unique hydraulic circuit to minimize pressure drop and hence energy loss
  • Backlash free coupling for efficient transmission of power
  • Pressure and speed stability leading to consistent performance
  • Higher power saving compared to conventional servo motor based machines
  • High pressure filter with automatic monitoring of clogging with advance warning and stoppage
Option of Servo Pump system / electronically controlled VDP (SYDFEE) Pump suitable for variable application
  • Servo Hydraulics: For longer idle time operations
  • SYDFEE Hydraulics: For shorter idle time operations

TX Series is offered with highly advanced all new controller with a host of new features

  • Compact in size but with a large 12" touch screen
  • Graphical representation of Injection and Dosing profile
  • 5 stage, mold open and close speeds
  • Networking of machines
  • 2 USB ports used for mold data and software changes
  • 300 No’s of mold data storage in memory
  • Two position ejection retraction for multi stage ejection
  • Self tuned PID for temperature control
  • Flexible temperature shift program